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How does it feel to lose someone precious to you??? 

We all have experienced lose of a person in some or the other way.. I agree we don’t feel alright after losing someone. But what is important to know here is how did we lose that person. In many ways we might face the lose it can be death.  But that is something we call it cycle of life. Whatever starts has to end some where. Nothing in this world is permanent. There is nothing like forever. Another kinda lose is the person is still alive but is not connected to you anymore. In my opinion this is the worst kinda lose. Cause here you know the person has found someone to replace you. And well, that my friends hurts the most. Once you use to be so close to someone but now the whole thing is different. 

There is an empty space left in your life in this kinda lose… Sometimes we become delusional about what we loose. We start living in hopes that one day that person might realise the importance. Others,  start thinking that they would find better and move on easily. I really appreciate such people who can easily move on. Cause what I know about me is I can’t. Even after trying hundreds and thousands of times, I can’t. Anyways the thing here is how do we feel when we loose someone???  

Does it has to hurt so bad as it shown or said??? Or it’s just a process?? Or whatever happens, happens for good???  Do you really move on? Or you just pretend to but deep down you know that you still dint give up hopes???? 
Please feel free to share your thoughts…. I would appreciate alott… 


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Is it so easy to forget someone??

Just a question in my mind. Is it so easy to forget someone with whom you spent your years together full of happiness, joy, fun, and all sorts of emotions and feeling?
No, I reckon it is not easy. Actually to be honest today is the day of one certain prize possession memory I had with someone very special to me. It was 29th September 2013. Today I wonder whether that person also remembers this day or not. My heart cries out and I wonder does that person hear me

I thought it was a dream, I thought it wasn’t real
But pain really hurts and it’s really how I feel
Memories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears
I hear your voice, and as quick as the smile came, it quickly disappears
I don’t know what is happening, because you always held my hand

You said you would never let go, that is what I don’t understand
So many promises you made, and more of them broken
Lost and confused, feels like I’m choking
A lot of things I did not say
Now I can’t find my way
I feel lost without you,

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Happy Independence Day India 

This is my second post. Today is 70th independence day of India. Our India. My India. I’m very proud to be an Indian. My country is the best. Here everything is there. Good bad everything still my India is the best. I’m very thankful to Lord that I’m the part of this country. We celebrate independence day on 15th of August because India got independent from the rule of Britishers. There were many freedom fighters who fought for the independence of the country. They gave us the country we have now. But what I want to ask “Really is our country independent? Is this the same country which our freedom fighters fought for?” We all talk about the problems we face or see in our country. We just complain when did we tried to get into the system and tried to change what we don’t like and what we want to see our country as. Its our duty to make this country the place where we want to live. But still we all are proud Indians. There is one dialogue in Shah Rukh Khan’s movie it says “Hum iss desh ke wasi Hai jaha roj hi danga rahta Hai..jaha roj roj akhbaro me scamo ka panga rehta Hai..jaha aam aadmi aadhasa nanga rahta Hai..iss hal Mai bhi..iss dor me bhi Hai dil me tiranga rehta Hai…Vande Mataram….!!!” This dialogue shows true Indian. We as Indians are really very proud. We carry our flag in our hearts. We respect our flag and our country. I’m very very proud to be an Indian. Jai hind. Happy Independence Day. 

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Hope for the hopeless 

Hi everyone.. This Is my first post.. So please bear with me.. As this is my first post I’m going to write something about hope.. 
Many times in life we feel that there is no hope for us. Many times we feel that we are useless. Many times we experience loneliness, betrayed, cheated, and many more painful emotions. We have many things going on in mind that we start thinking things which we would never think when we are in positive state. I have been through the broken state of life and still going through. Sometimes I feel to just leave everything and go away but that is very easy way after all. But when I pray to God he always provide me with some hope. He reminds me that “Child you are not alone. I’m there for you. When I’m with you who  will be against you!” and then I get my strength to live my life. Lord gives us hope when we feel hopeless. And his hope is beyond any thing in this world.